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How are you going? Are you doing okay?

I have been working from home since social distancing started, i.e. since March. And outside of work or spending time with family or doing normal things, I have been editing Book 2. And this is the unusual part – other than writing the first 9000 words, the remainder of the book had been written completely on my smartphone, together with finishing one round of editing.

I am relieved to say that it’s close to being sent to my editor for a structural edit.

How very Gen Y, I hear you say.

As you may know, something as portable as a smartphone seems to integrate seamlessly into our daily writing lives and not just to keep social media feeds semi-populated. Whether you are sitting on a train, are in your lunch break at work, or waiting for your car to be serviced – basically, you are one mobile optimised app away from writing or editing a few sentences.

In the past, I would have had to carry my laptop around or if I happened to be at home, found an opening in my day, not tainted by procrastination, to write or edit on my laptop. But it seemed challenging to fit something like this in unless a conscious effort was made to do so.

For some reason, it is not the case with a smart phone.

And the question I cannot help but ask is – what else can you incorporate in your daily life, resulting in near effortless progress? Because, you love it, right?

Exercise – for one. How I miss incidental exercise. But what else?

On an aside, how different would self-isolation have been had COVID-19 happened pre-2007?

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