Observing reality

In 2015, scientists at the Australian National University proved that at a Quantum level, reality does not actually exist until we measure it (i.e. we observe it).

This got me thinking – wouldn’t it be something, if this wasn’t solely true at the atom level?
It is almost impossible to ignore and effectively not observe someone giving their opinion, solicited or otherwise. Whether it is an opinion in the media, or a conversation face-to-face or via a channel we all seem to communicate now – video.

And why do we take on the impact of what someone says, as if it is 100% objective and true, when in fact it is impossible for that to be the case?

Expert opinions excluded – how does one manage to not be as affected by all the subjective messages out there and therefore effectively exclude it from one’s reality?

If you figure it out, let me know.

But in one scenario at least, we as writers do have control over how fictional characters react. Unlike atoms and some people’s ability to departmentalise an experience to the point of avoidance, fictional characters are not as lucky.

If it wasn’t for dialogue, body language or action delivered in a deliberate or conflicting way by an opposing character, it would be pretty challenging to inject conflict into a scene, right? And conflict in writing is essential for us to turn the page.

This is what I’m doing right now with book no. 2. Giving a reason for readers to read on.

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