Waves of change

I’ve often written about the effects that Covid has had on our lives – no more so than us spending the majority of our weekdays working from home.

Our pets love it, don’t they? They’re so used to having us home that when we do leave the house, they seem quite taken aback with expressions we hadn’t seen very often.

I love being home too and I wouldn’t trade the flexibility we now have for anything, but one thing I miss a tiny bit, is the forced ‘free’ time spent between home and work on public transport. Stay with me here… I edited many chapters of the Holiday Romance on my smartphone, while listening to a song to match the scene I was editing, with a sentiment often experienced when revisiting a melody or lyric that had resided in our memories for a long time.

While we were still travelling to work every day, I’d often wonder about the lives of fellow passengers that I’d come to recognise on the train. So much so that I’d see them walking around town at other times and thought, just for a second, that I knew them.

Because we’re not in the office that often anymore, we encounter so many new faces when we do happen to go to work these days, not unlike the train, but without the free time enjoyed with a lovely soundtrack playing in our ears.

When I walk around in the city now, I can’t help but experience the feeling of solidarity it brings in a world that’s changed forever.

If the past has taught us anything, it is that it won’t be the last change. At some point, we’ll be remembering ‘those’ days from a quiet distance that only history seems to bring, with the current wave of change fresh in our minds.

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