Theories and reality

Have you ever wondered how facts pop into existence?

Some theories on reality suggest that it’s largely based on perception. What we accept as the truth is our perception of that very truth.

To confuse matters further in one way at least, certain rules, e.g. the rules of physics and astrophysics don’t necessarily match. When a theorem is proved based on isolated rules that don’t always coexist with others, how true is it really? Still, it’s considered true until it’s disproved, I suppose.

A fact is just a theory that has been proved by the guidelines we have today. But weeks, months or years from now, these guidelines will have been influenced by a bunch of new theories.

So, how do we generally keep up? Well, it seems a lot easier these days when information is so readily available. It does seem to be quite gradual so not a massive shock to the system.

What fictional characters are concerned; their story worlds are based on whatever the writer defines it to be. Time is generally linear, unless you’re brave enough to write a sci fi novel. Space is what we (as well as characters) perceive it to be. In saying that, general rules need not always apply and it’s likely that a slight tweak to what we generally perceive as ‘normal’ adds an interesting twist to an otherwise ordinary existence.

Although I can’t see myself writing a full-on sci fi novel, I do like the idea of incorporating time travel in one of my future novels – one day. But until I’m brave enough to do that, I’ll stick with romance novels in our current space and time and use the rules we all KNOW is true.

And that’s the story we’re sticking with.

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