New Release: The Holiday Romance

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“He reflected on why he’d come to South Australia in the first place. He realised that he owed it to himself to find out whether having something real with someone could be his, despite his fame. And he owed it to them.”

The Holiday Romance is a tale of love in the spotlight, taking place in Australia and the United States in the late 1990s.

Before taking a well-deserved break, copywriter Kate’s dating world collides with that of Josh, a well-known Australian actor who lives in LA. Will they be able to navigate their holiday romance in the limelight when it becomes more than just a fling?

Kate is trying to forget a public past break-up when she returns to her home town in country South Australia after two years. Meanwhile, Josh has all-but given up on having a genuine relationship. Being the focus of media attention makes it almost impossible.

When Kate and Josh meet at a computer games conference, they cannot deny their connection and their common experience living in the public eye.

But as their holiday romance develops in front of a gossiping town, as well as the relentless media, they are forced to revisit their past. Can their romance survive it?

The Holiday Romance is a novel of hope and taking a chance to find happiness.

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