Life imitating art

Have you read The Holiday Romance yet? If you have, you’ll know that Kate has had a few challenges in the past (as most protagonists do). But hers have been particularly intriguing and although amplified, not entirely unlike one challenge of yours truly.

Don’t misunderstand, the novel is NOT autobiographical, only to the extent to which ‘writing what you know’ dictates somewhat what we as writers write about, as it has to come from somewhere, you know?

It did mean that it was an interesting experience to write and edit the novel, sometimes exceptionally challenging and sometimes just as rewarding, almost cathartic, as I examined some of my own thoughts through Kate’s eyes.

But the most extraordinary part of the journey that could be described as healing in a way, was that after I had finished the first few drafts (the plot had completely been established at this point), the challenges that Kate inevitably overcame, for reasons unknown, meant that I overcame my own challenge too.

I can’t tell you the exact scenario, as it wouldn’t be fair to give away the heart of the story but believe me when I say that putting positive notions out there, al be it by way of amplified fictional events in novel form, may have something to do with it.

I tell you what, though, as I was editing and re-editing this book, it was beyond difficult to keep my own challenging circumstances in perspective and not take Kate’s struggles on board myself.

But The Holiday Romance is published now and I can put this one to bed, so to speak, and move on to the next one – that is, when I find the time!

I hope you enjoy reading it, if you haven’t already, and enjoy the experience of unfolding Kate’s lifechanging journey!

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