Calendar events

We all have ways we spend our spare time, wasteful or otherwise. I, for instance, love to procrastinate for days about what to write a blog post about, while feeling guilty that I’m not editing, which means that I’d either end up editing my manuscript or do something completely different, until somewhere along the line, I eventually spend the 20 minutes writing that post.

Of course, we also do other things that belong in varying spots on the time-well-spent scale.

And then there are the events we are forced to look forward to. Don’t you think we’re actually living our lives by calendar events? You may ask me how else you might live it.
Bear with me.

I’m not referring to anniversaries or birthdays, which are of-course great. Even though you’re the one who has been choosing everyone’s presents for the last decade and a half. No, I mean the focus of any shop window display at different times of the year. And the inevitable questions that precedes it. For example, what are you doing for [enter event here]?

First comes New Year’s Eve and Australia Day in January, then it’s Valentine’s day’s turn (which some people celebrate and others just see as a slightly annoying day with a total lack of free restaurant options). Next, it’s Chinese New Year’s lanterns and dragons filling the streets. When you throw in all the food and comedy festivals (which are awesome, by the way), before you know it, it’s Christmas and we’re organising those presents again.

I can honestly say that I’m exhausted just writing this.

But I’ll have to cut it short there.

I have to get up to go to the super market now: Those Easter eggs and hot cross buns will only be on sale for a very short time.