Someone’s story

As I’m considering the backstories, appearances and other traits of the characters in my next book, I can’t help but think about all the people on our planet and their individual stories, each with their individual challenges and most, I bet, would look forward to things like the weekend, special occasions and holidays, just like the rest of us. I could ponder something like that for days, if only a little bit at a time.

People of the past once had their own stories and challenges too. They also looked forward to things that perhaps no longer exist, and they may no longer be with us. It makes you think, doesn’t it?
Probably best to let that one go. We’d be here until who knows what time otherwise.

But in terms of character development, I sometimes wonder how we can create characters with specific qualities out of nothing. And they don’t stay theoretical either, you know.

Imagine your favourite book, perhaps one you have read more than once. You have become somewhat attached to those characters, right? Now, imagine that you have created and developed those characters over an extended period of time, and you have written and read their stories over and over again, while shaping the words and sentences that surround them, so eventually, it resembles a novel. It’s not hard to imagine how attached you would get, even after only the first draft is done.
So back to the characters in my new book – I think you are going to love them. But I won’t reveal much until they’re more established, just in case his name changes or she develops a quality that is essential to the plot.

But it’s probably too late anyway, especially what names are concerned. I’m already attached.

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