Romance, whose idea was it?

Have you ever wondered who the first guy was, or be it caveman, who said “I don’t think women like being shoved in front of the stove (or fire) as much as what we thought they do, unless we’re both sitting around it.”?

That really changed it for every man who walked the face of the earth since then, right?

And thank goodness, too.

Nevertheless, if being romantic or showing emotion was a natural instinct of every man, there would be little conflict, especially in romantic fiction. And I’d have little to write about.

So, what if romance or love didn’t exist?

Where would Rom-Coms be? OK, you may not like romantic comedies, but just think how much you’d really hate those types of films if there was just no point to Meg Ryan’s famous restaurant scene in When Harry met Sally.

In all seriousness, can you imagine what it would be like if we lived in a world where the greatest composers of classical music drew no inspiration from romantic love, when writing their most famous pieces? The foundation for modern music may never have been laid.

Would poetry have evolved as it did, to form the base of song lyrics today, if no one had ever written a poem, when love letters still came in envelopes through the mail?

Would music have progressed as it did, if Lennon’s melancholy chords didn’t contain words about the only thing you need?

If there’s one thing that validates our existence and brings us somewhat closer to determining ‘what it’s all about’, love is it.

And of course, it gives me something to write about.

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