Reading ahead

Yeah, sorry.  I haven’t done this in a while.  I am still writing, don’t worry.

And reading, A LOT.

Regardless of how hectic real life can get, and I say ‘real’ life as, let’s face it, writing fiction has long been considered an acceptable grown-up version of imaginary friends – fiction is where it is (for me anyway), whether it’s writing or reading.

At the moment, I’m ankle deep in Book Three of a nine-book series (at last count).

And if the aim of a writer is generally to give the reader an emotional experience, this author has met her objectives.  As she makes you turn the page, she pulls you in with obstacle after obstacle, until something happens that annoys all patience out of you, so much so that you don’t pick the book up again for weeks.  But when you summon the courage to start reading it again, you’re more than happy to stay up too late to read it, when you really should be sleeping, at the risk of being annoyed all over again.

A very successful writer once said that to be a good writer, you must keep reading.  And since I’ve started writing fiction myself, I definitely read books differently too.  I often have moments where I’m bowled flat by an unexpected technique or beautiful prose, and other times I’ve all but abandoned a book because the author had disregarded the standards which some writers consider untouchable.

By the way, I’ll admit that it was actually a comment on one of my blog posts that gave me the metaphorical push to write this post: ‘When are you going to post again?’ It read.  ‘You really entertain a lot of people.’

(Are you browsing the net with an alias now, Ma?)

No seriously, I get a lot of spam comments – too many to count – and it’s not always easy to tell the difference between real comments and spam.  But if you are real – it was very ‘glass half full’ of you and thanks!

If you are a spam bot (and I’m not condoning spam whatsoever), I’ll try and write more blog posts anyway.

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