Let it be

Recently I read through my novel again.  This time, I didn’t make any changes and instead, made some notes of what required changing.  You see, up until this point I have either been editing my novel in a sequential manner or jumping from one chapter to another (at various ends), but neither for the purposes of getting an overall feel of the book nor one chapter at a time in repetitious distress.  Yet the time had come to do just that, the former being done and the latter, a slight distance from the finishing line.

Oh, the divine agony of it all.  When will it be good enough?

It took me 12 months to write this book and two years later, I’m still editing it (although I can’t say that it’s been a fulltime effort).

I know I’ve said this before (but for those who take note of the power of threes, as long as I don’t say it more than three times, it’s all good right?) –  At one stage all writers just need to let it go.

I blame evolution and progress.  How often would our first ancestors have worried about anything other than shelter and putting food on the table (or table equivalent)? Fair enough, perhaps we are still worried about those things, but it is generally taken for granted. 

So what is with this obsessive need for perfection? With no similar known entities, it’s just too hard to compare our race to anything else.

However, if there is an infinite amount of space in the universe, with an infinite number of planets and potentially an infinite number of species, how many times can planets be replicated before species with the exact same make-up (and theoretically the exact same people) present themselves?

If there is another Lara out there struggling with this exact same problem at some point in time: just let it go! 

At one point it will be good enough.