The ridiculousness of time

I’m sure that the relativity of time has been pondered many times. It isn’t a new idea. I believe Einstein had something to say about it?

In my experience, the perception of the speed at which time passes, seems to be directly corelated to your current position in a given week, which is completely absurd, especially when your job is an enjoyable one. But it just seems to be built-in, somehow.

And then when the weekend (or holiday) comes, I’m in a constant state of needing to enjoy the time I have off. And this is why: I suddenly have time to write, to play the piano, to plan my next holiday, to cook up a storm or whatever else I ‘didn’t have time to do during the week’, which is ridiculous in itself. But unless I actually do at least one of these things, I’m not enjoying the inevitable ‘nothing’ I end up actually doing and always at the expense of not writing, not planning… You get the idea.

And when you have to get up at a certain time the next morning, time seems to become the biggest clock-watching constraint, restricted by thoughts of all the things I hadn’t done yet – not in the ‘left your homework until Sunday night kind-of-way’, but annoying, all the same.

But when I’m overseas or in a different state, and I’m doing the things I planned for on the weekends I managed to plan, I almost always try to stop time, which obviously doesn’t work, just to take it all in. The moment when you’re standing on the Great Wall, or snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef, or pretending to be in the Sound of Music, while skipping around Salzburg, is so impossibly great, that time feels irrelevant.

Can you believe that Daylight Saving is coming? That day when another hour disappears, without the burden of doing-nothing can make it so…

I have to go now. I have other things to write, to do, to plan… or clean the house and exercise. *sigh*

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