Eurovision 2021!

As I’m watching the Euro Vision 2021 final from Australia in the early hours of the morning, I’m reminded of how far we’ve come over the last year and two months. By ‘we’ I mean ‘us’ as a collective world-wide nation. Never has the world seemed smaller or more united, as we try harder than ever to remain connected, yet I can’t help but feel that everyone seems further away as we wait for our borders in and out of Australia to open.

We’re lucky to have travelled as much as we did previously, but the question I don’t like to ask myself is – did we really appreciate it fully at the time? Sometimes – but probably not to the extent that we now know we should have.

You see, in Australia, we have very few cases of COVID, but for a reason somewhat restrictive in its nature – we’re an island and we’ve been closed for a while.

Yet, our lives continue with major events unfolding, in the face of a potential reality of further extended delays in seeing our families and friends who happen to live overseas. Still, I try not to dwell on it, as vaccines are being rolled out every second and there’s a plan, al be it uncertain at times.

In terms of the contest, I didn’t exactly get up at 5 am, but I did watch the semi-final songs on catch-up television yesterday and I caught the last few songs live this morning, so I feel somewhat entitled to yell at the television, as much as the next person anyway.

Now, the jury votes are being announced, and my favourite countries of the competition – Lithuania (The Roop, with Discoteque) and Finland (Blind Channel, with Dark Side), are not scoring very highly. But I’ve already added their songs to my music subscription playlist, so I’m good.

But I can’t talk now – the winners will be announced soon. Lithuania and Finland have moved up the leader board quite a bit with the public votes.

Though, the winners are – Italy and the band Maneskin, with their ‘Rock and roll never dies’ song ‘Zitti E Buoni’!*

*Song added to playlist too.

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